Savour The Sweet Symphony In Every Bite

Over 30 years ago in the heart of a popular Cape Town suburb, a biscuit “Made with Love!” was conceived. Inspired by a love for something sweet, coupled with years of experience and encouraged by a supportive family, the founders gave birth to the legendary Eet-Me Cookies.

“Eet-Me Cookies started with a rolling pin and a cookie cutter. Never in our wildest dreams did we think that our products would have achieved an almost fanatical following by those craving for these cookies “Made with Love”, said one of its founders.

Traditional recipes handed down over generations

Eet-Me Cookies has distinguished itself as a made to order business; able to manage both small and large runs by an all-female production team. Originally established in the ‘Home Made’ niche market where our Shortbread and Crunchies became immediate household favourites, our cookies are mainly hand made using traditional recipes handed down over generations.

Where do we serve

Currently located in Lansdowne, South Africa, Eet-Me Cookies serve both local and national markets, with a developing neighbouring countries market into Africa as well.

Sharing our baking prowess

Privately owned by principal shareholder, Khaleel Sayed, the business was established in 1993, at the cusp of the new South Africa. Khaleel hails from the prominent Cape Town business family of Sayed’s of Sayed & Sons fame. An established master in the network marketing business, he set about applying strong business principles and technical skills (an electrical engineer by trade) together with his wife, Dad, brother and his wife. A true family business. With years of experience in the supermarket and bakery trade, and a love for something sweet, they set to share their baking prowess with biscuits ‘Made with Love!”

Personalised and Customised Packs

Eet-Me Cookies places huge pride and effort on its ability to deliver, with a continuous focus on developing ranges of biscuits for discerning tastes. Originally focussed on agency markets, the company has developed the 2-biscuit snack; Christmas and Eid Packs for the busy housewife, and gift pack ranges with specific packaging per customer requirements.

Like mama used to make it

“Our manufacturing process is labour intensive, with emphasis on producing biscuits like mama used to make at home,” said Khaleel. The Eet-Me Cookies factory garners incredible support from the community, extending the concept of family to our customers and staff.

Journey to the Perfect Cookie

Driven by market trends and customer demand, the company is constantly researching new ways to produce the perfect cookie. “A recent result of such innovations saw the successful launch of the special Ramadaan Boeka Packs, for people on the go.” Concluded Khaleel.

Special Occasions

Wedding, Engagements,  Birthdays, Religious Special Days, Family Gatherings, Matric Functions, Workshops, Seminars and many more.


We are inspired to give back to a cause we truly care about. We are looking to make a real impact and lasting difference to deserving causes.


Are you seeking creative collaboration. We have good news. As part of  our strategic plan, Eet-Me Cookies will revisit its Joint Venture / Reseller Partnership ideas in the new year. Watch this space.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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